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Modernize your Oracle Forms and EBS SystemWithout a Single Line of Code

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UI/UX Modernization

Put a new face on your existing application and display it on any browser or mobile device.

AuraPlayer wraps existing Oracle Forms/EBS systems as web services within hours, while your production system remain untouched.

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Turn Oracle Forms/EBS Mobile

Provide mobile connectivity to employees where and when they need it. AuraPlayer makes your Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms based system available on mobile devices within hours, without costly redevelopment project.

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    “Words can’t describe how impressed we are with AuraPlayer… We admit we had our doubts at first. Could it really be so easy and cost effective to mobilize Oracle Forms? But after less than 2 months our insurance sales system is mobilized and the rest is history.”

    Zahid Barki, Group Head - Technology, Projects & QualityJubilee Life Insurance
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    “As a global software provider, we were looking for a way to increase efficiency and maximize information availability for our medical center customers. Oracle Mobile Framework and AuraPlayer allowed us to mobilize our desktop Oracle Forms surgical scheduling application without redevelopment, saving us and our customers’ critical time and money. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution.”

    Avi Greenberg, Director of Development"Tafnit ERP" by Matrix
  • Isracard_122

    Until we found AuraPlayer, it looked as though integrating our technologies would require re-development and extensive QA. AuraPlayer allowed us to integrate our various technologies with Oracle Forms without having to redevelop a thing, saving us endless headache, time and money. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution.

    Ofer Krichman, Head of IT Infrastructure at MasterCard Israel
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    Wouldn’t  it be really cool to have a mobile application access an Oracle Forms system so we can build an iPhone, iPad or Android app that reuses Oracle Forms logic? Well, that’s all possible today! Check out, and you will be amazed!

    Steven Davelaar, Consulting Solutions Architect in ADF/Webcenter A-Team at Oracle


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Meet Us at the RMOUG Conference February 9 - 11, 2016 to find out more about Modernizing the look and feel of your forms and mobilizing existing applications

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Join our free Webinar to hear Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms PM himself unveil the latest and greatest features of Forms 12c. Michael will drill down into some of the 75+ new features and explain how these features can bring your applications into the next generation!

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