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Trial at your company via remote session.

The Offering: The customer will receive a full 1 month test server license, with unlimited CPU and unlimited web services. The package also includes consulting with an AuraPlayer and SofBang Mobility expert to kick start the project.

The Process: We  will install the AuraPlayer solution on a test server at the client site. We will also provide basic training on installing and operating the solution. After the completion of the kick start consulting (consulting time varies per trial) customer will have a 30 day testing license for the client to perform further testing. Should the customer elect to purchase the solution to move it into production they can for the annual subscription license of only $12,000 per app for up to 50 users.

The Requirements:

  • Oracle Forms test server – Must be version 10g or higher

  • Weblogic or Java Server where AuraPlayer will be installed (with remote connectivity) – can be Forms test environment for trial purposes
  • UI development Environment: Oracle MAX, Oracle MAF, Jdeveloper or APEX tool

  • Samsung development tablets can be provided for trials
  • To install, you must know the password to IAS or Weblogic administrator user

Time commitment required if selected to participate:

  • A 1-hour Kick off to discuss select use case and define scope
  • A 1 ½ hour meeting to do install and record webservices
  • Development of the app can then be done offline with use of the recorded webservices from step 2.
  • A 1 ½ hour meeting to configure and deploy the app over remote session
  • A final meeting to perform project close out, reference/case study details and discuss next steps

License Terms:  By approving this trial, the customer expresses consent to our license terms.

IP Rights: AuraPlayer Inc. shall remain the sole proprietor of any and all intellectual property rights in, without limitation, software programs, code, know-how, inventions, processes, designs, specifications, etc. which are part of or are associated with AuraPlayer, including any improvements and supplements to AuraPlayer which will be performed by AuraPlayer under the present Agreement.

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