Catching up with AuraPlayer at Kscope14!

Now that Kscope14 is behind us, we wanted to reflect on the amazing experience we had. Kscope is one of our favorite conferences to attend as it merges top world-class Oracle talent with a great time. It always flies by. This year we were fortunate to be joined by Oracle Forms Product Manager, Michael Ferrante, at the AuraPlayer booth. We had him working hard, with almost eight hours of customer meetings each day. He was charged with the daunting task of ensuring all customers knew Forms was not dead by the time they left our booth.  He went above and beyond the call of duty by helping us carry down the booth at the end of the conference.

This year the AuraPlayer team was also joined by our new National Sales Manager, Suzi Ellington. Kscope was a great way to induct her into the AuraPlayer family. I think she was shocked to see so many customers grappiling with how to modernize thier Oracle Forms and happy that she had a solution to present to them. Suzi spent most of her time with her new Oracle Forms and ADF friends at the awesome AuraPlayer booth, but she also attended a few sessions and the great social events that ODTUG had set up.

This year there was a lot of excitement surrounding modernizing legacy apps to mobile among the Oracle Forms developers and IT managers. AuraPlayer’s Forms to mobile/cloud solution was a hot topic, which made Suzi’s job a lot of fun because she got to answer everyone’s questions and join in with people’s enthusiasm. Suzi said, “What I liked about Kscope was that it was a nice size venue but cozy enough that it was easy to meet new people, begin building relationships and share a lot of interesting ideas. I am especially proud of our CEO, Mia Urman – who is on the ODTUG KScope14 board and was also a presenter – because on Monday  she was named Oracle ACE Director.”

Check out our pictures below to see all the fun we had at Kscope!

Our booth in its humble beginnings, here’s Suzi working tirelessly to make sure the AuraPlayer booth looks its absolute best!

IMG_2275    suzi_settingup_boothbooth_finished   Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 3.32.10 PM

And the final outcome shows her work was well worth the effort.  Our mascot Fred otherwise known as Mobi!

AuraPlayer CEO, Mia Urman, and National Sales Manager, Suzi Ellington, toast to a successful time at Kscope14.

suzi&mia   mondayNightEvent

Suzi snaps a shot of the Welcome Reception proving that Developers know how to have fun!

Mia shows off AuraPlayer’s unique solution at the booth.

 Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 1.57.06 PM   suzi_sales1

Suzi works the crowd and proves that AuraPlayer has the best booth around.

Shots for everyone! ODTUG Board President, Monty Latiolais, and ODTUG Board member, David Schleis, joined Mia and some other Forms enthusiasts for a toast.

shots2   mia&ppl

Oralce Product Manager, Michael Ferrante, and AuraPlayer CEO, Mia Urman, toast to the modernization of Oracle Forms with some other Forms friends!

 A pic form the ADF Community Open Mic Night Featuring Mobility shows that ADF Developers can have fun (if given enough whiskey 🙂

ADFNight1    ADFnight2

Cheers to the future of ADF Mobile!

The party’s over 🙂 See you next year at Kscope 15 in Hollywood, florida