Here’s What You Missed at Kscope14!

We’ve just come back from Kscope14 in Seattle, Washington. The AuraPlayer family had a great time meeting new people, attending sessions, managing our own booth and toasting with a few Washington Apple shots. We were especially honored to have Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms PM at our booth talking to customers about the future vision of Oracle.


If you missed any of the fun at Kscope14 you can view the slides from Mia’s sessions by downloading them here:

Bring Your Legacy Applications to the Mobile World

Experts Panel: Should I Migrate My Oracle Forms Applications?

You can also view the demo of AuraPlayer running on an iPad.

If you would like to find out more about AuraPlayer watch our video or email us at


Here is the AuraPlayer family album from this great conference.

IMG_2276 In In the Beginning – The booth before the setup  has begun, we’ve got a lot of work to do!IMG_2278
Oracle Product Manager, Michael Ferrante and Martin Disterhalf of PITTS, a bit of calm before the storm
IMG_2277The roll-ups have arrived, the booth is starting to come together. IMG_2286AuraPlayer’s National Sales Manager, Suzi Ellington, busy at work.
20140622_141459 The completed AuraPlayer booth, looking good!IMG_2288 And of course the most important part of the booth, the bar!
20140622_141556 AuraPlayer’s custom shot glasses. If you didn’t get “Mobi” our dinosaur shot glass contact us we will send one to you.IMG_2264   Shots for everyone! All the ingredients necessary for some Washington Apple shots.
IMG_2296 The AuraPlayer booth is ready. CEO, Mia Urman, and National Sales Manager, Suzi Ellington, toast to a successful Kscope14!IMG_2308Mia does one of her many demos in the AuraPlayer booth.
IMG_2309Mia discusses AuraPlayer’s unique solution with customers while Michael Ferrante assures them Forms is very much alive!

IMG_2292The Exhibit Hall mimics one of Seattle’s well-known attractions.

IMG_2321 Monday’s Welcome Reception.IMG_2320    Let the fun begin! Kscope15 in Hollywood, Florida. We’ll be there
20140623_145159 Luc Bors Deep Dive session in new mobile framework features.20140624_120305Mia presents her first session, “Bring Your Legacy Applications to the Mobile World” to a captive audience.
20140624_120314Mia’s rapt audience as she continues to present.IMG_2334  Kaj Van de Lou introducing new Oracle Mobile Cloud Services; we can’t wait to learn more!
IMG_2333 Oracle Mobile Cloud presentation continues.   IMG_2285Roadmap for Mobile Cloud Services- The future is already here. AuraPlayer will be a part of it stay tuned
IMG_2282 Shay Shmeltzer presents mobile service integration. AuraPlayer will be there to supply Oracle Forms connectors don’t you worry.20140624_130909  Mia and fellow ACE Directors discuss the future of ADF technology.
IMG_2326 Monday night’s Community Event: ADF Open Mic Night Featuring Mobility.IMG_2327Cheers! The ADF Developers are having the most fun. Whiskey by AuraPlayer 🙂
IMG_2324Mia passes out some of AuraPlayer’s custom shot glasses.IMG_2328Here’s to the future of ADF.
IMG_2331  A toast to mobility!IMG_2330   This is as wild as we Java geeks get!
2014-06-23 00.25.43 Michael Ferrante and his wife, Shauna.20140622_190556Mia, Shauna, and Diane Latiolais make a toast at the AuraPlayer booth.
20140622_192904Shauna and Diane, AuraPlayer’s biggest fans, snap a selfie!20140622_200600Diane and Shauna with Andri Karniol. The party team of Kscope14
20140623_180859Asger Petersen of NATO, Barbara Morris, an ODTUG Board Member, Mia and Suzi at the AuraPlayer booth.20140623_221610Mia, Suzi and a group of ADF Developers get a big smile out of Shay Shmeltzer, Mobile Director
20140624_181535                            Having some fun in thed Exhibit Hall IMG_2300             Some Seattle spirit outside the Dell Booth.
IMG_2298Suzi shares a shot with some developers.IMG_2294Suzi, Mia, Martin and our partners in crime the PITTS team.
IMG_2302Oracle PM, Michael, Jim Kurth and his wife all sharing a shot with Suzi.IMG_2304More Oracle Forms community fans stop by to have fun at the AuraPlayer booth!
IMG_2305Suzanne Michele of NYC Transit with Michael, Mia, and Barbara.IMG_2306The fun times at the AuraPlayer booth continue!
IMG_2310Brenda Rodriguez, ODTUG Board President, Monty Latiolais, his wife Diane, ODTUG Board Member, David Schleis and MiaIMG_2311Darlene from Applied OLAP with Diane, Shauna, Mia and some other Forms enthusiasts.
IMG_2316How far will Michael go to bring attention to the future of Forms?IMG_2336 Michael and Shauna with Suzi, Mia and Diane, showing off AuraPlayer’s roll-up designs.
 IMG_2340          Enkitech th Lauren of ODTUG fame and Mia.IMG_2356Suzi presenting AuraPlayer’s raffle item, an Apple TV which was awarded to Brian Smith of Riceland Foods.
award             ODTUG Oracle Shay Shmeltzer wins Contributor of the Year AwardIMG_2372The Market Theater Gum Wall – One of Seattle’s famous downtown landmarks
20140625_160555 The Public Market CenterIMG_2379Some delicious produce on display at the market.
IMG_2378            Yummy, yummy!Collage 2014-06-25 15_04_29                             The Maximus Pig Out Truck
IMG_2376Michael, Shauna, and Diane enjoying some Bloody Marys dowtown.IMG_2374Taking in all of Seattle’s sites.
IMG_2377              ODTUG Board President, Monty Latiolais.IMG_2383          Everyone sharing some drinks in downtown Seattle.
IMG_2390                Crab Carnage! At the Kscope14 last supper.IMG_2389          Everyone enjoying some fresh seafood in downtown Seattle.
IMG_2345                 Suzi and Shauna headed out for a night on the town.IMG_2348                 The Chihuly Garden and Glass.
 20140625_190203                Suzi all ready for ODTUG’s special Wednesday Night Event.20140625_190128             Michael and Shauna are ready to rock!
20140625_180244The girls all dressed up as 80’s music icons!20140625_190821Inside the Experience Music Project.
20140625_173536                            Michael and Shauna Ferrante.20140625_173235                          Rockers Shauna and Diane!
20140625_193650               Poker time!IMG_2364                  Mia and Kellyn Pot’Vin making a commentary on women in technology.
IMG_2366Madonna and Amy Winehousecosutmes2Monty and Diane Latiolais, ready to rock!


And remember, you can joins us for more fun at Kscope 15; call for papers is open NOW!