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“Modernizing Oracle EBS forms using mobile apps without writing a single line of additional code or making any change to forms sounds unrealistic. But, I am so happy to have been able to do it. AuraPlayer offers seamless solution to achieve this digitization. Partnering with AuraPlayer has been a great experience. I hope to work with more clients to deliver this solution to them and take the user experience of Oracle EBS to a new level.”

Program ManagerFujitsu India

“By combining AuraPlayer and Mobile Cloud Service, Rogers Group has not only found a platform for mobile application development, we have solved a longstanding EBS issue. We can make the valuable data and business logic contained in EBS available to our users where they need it the most, at the jobsite. Information is no longer trapped behind an Oracle login and multiple screens and forms.”

Director of Information ServicesRogers Group Inc

“Oracle Forms has been used here for a long time, and my staff has the skills of that technology. Migration would be a multiyear, multimillion-dollar endeavor. But we needed a way to quickly deliver mobile business apps to our employees today using our existing systems. We’re hoping this will be a steppingstone for all future and even more complex mobilization projects”

MTA’s director of IT for Bridges and TunnelsForbes Magazine

“As a global software provider, we were looking for a way to increase efficiency and maximize information availability for our medical center customers. Oracle Mobile Framework and AuraPlayer allowed us to mobilize our desktop Oracle Forms surgical scheduling application without redevelopment, saving us and our customers’ critical time and money. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution.”

Director of Development"Tafnit ERP" by Matrix

“Words can’t describe how impressed we are with AuraPlayer… We admit we had our doubts at first. Could it really be so easy and cost effective to mobilize Oracle Forms? But after less than 2 months our insurance sales system is mobilized and the rest is history.”

Group Head - Technology, Projects & QualityJubilee Life Insurance