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Wouldn’t  it be really cool to have a mobile application access an Oracle Forms system so we can build an iPhone, iPad or Android app that reuses Oracle Forms logic? Well, that’s all possible today! Check out, and you will be amazed!

Consulting Solutions Architect in ADF/Webcenter A-TeamOracle

“Having spent 20 years with Forms and seen the variety of migration/modernization stories that come and go, this is without doubt the most awesome Forms opportunity since we put Forms on the web.”

Director of Product ManagementOracle

Until we found AuraPlayer, it looked as though integrating our technologies would require re-development and extensive QA. AuraPlayer allowed us to integrate our various technologies with Oracle Forms without having to redevelop a thing, saving us endless headache, time and money. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution.

Head of IT Infrastructure at MasterCard Israel

 We used to waste countless hours running two parallel systems to accomplish a single task. With AuraPlayer, we were able to integrate these systems seamlessly without any redevelopment and with minimal investment.  AuraPlayer allowed us to save time and money and avoid unnecessary complexity in an already stressful call center environment.

Head of Billing Department at Bezeq International