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Field agents get timely and accurate data by completing inspections including photos and digital signatures on location.

Warehouse workers need no longer rely on clipboards and notepads to manage inventory.

Employees get instant access to HR data including, timecards and leave balances anytime anywhere from any device.

Field personnel post real-time updates and view corporate data from their back-office systems on location.

Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

“We needed a way to quickly deliver mobile business apps to our employees today using our existing systems. We’re hoping this will be a steppingstone for all future and even more complex mobilization projects.”

Dyan Ganepola

MTA’s director of IT for Bridges and Tunnels
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

“Modernizing Oracle EBS forms using mobile apps without writing a single line of additional code or making any change to forms sounds unrealistic. But, I am so happy to have been able to do it. AuraPlayer offers seamless solution to achieve this digitization.”

Vishal Goyal

Program Manager, Fujitsu India
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

“Having spent 20 years with Forms and seen the variety of migration/modernization stories that come and go, this is without doubt the most awesome Forms opportunity since we put Forms on the web.”

Grant Ronald

Director of Product Management
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

“Words can’t describe how impressed we are with AuraPlayer… We admit we had our doubts at first. Could it really be so easy and cost effective to mobilize Oracle Forms? But after less than 2 months our insurance sales system is mobilized and the rest is history.”

Zahid Barki

Group Head, Technology, Projects & Quality
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

“By combining AuraPlayer and Mobile Cloud Service, Rogers Group, we have solved a longstanding EBS issue. We can make the valuable data and business logic contained in EBS available to our users where they need it the most, at the job site. Information is no longer trapped behind an Oracle login and multiple screens and forms.”

Fran Bellante

Director of Information Services, Rogers Group Inc

Why AuraPlayer?

Maximize Existing Investments

Get a new look and feel without breaking the bank and without disruption to production systems.

Unlock Your Business Logic

Run processes “trapped” in your Forms applications from any UI.

APIs In Minutes

Customizations are no match for AuraPlayer’s automated API generation tool.

Low Maintenance

Same application on your desktop and on the go mobile devices.

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