Did you ever wish your Oracle Forms / EBS had a 24/7 guardian angel?

March 8, 2018

Well, this week one of our customers had just that.

On a mission critical project, we had a sudden call, informing us that “the AuraPlayer application wasn’t working.” We at AuraPlayer were very surprised, because to the best of our knowledge nothing had changed in the environment. Naturally, the first thing we did was to look at the monitoring console.

It turned out that at exactly 4:56 AM local time the server had stopped responding. With this information, we were able to go directly into the Weblogic log and learn that our system monitoring service, AuraSense detected an expired Java certificate.

A customer immediately received an alert that his Oracle EBS system was down. In this particular case, the customer’s notification was “buried” in dozens of emails. The customer found the alert too late, after the problem surfaced to end-users. When you rely on your mobilized Oracle EBS application, such proactive alerts are critical to the mission.

Our tech TIP: Make sure you create special rules to bubble up AuraSense notifications.

Luckily, today with AuraSense Monitor we are able to track problems pro-actively and alert DBAs of issues before the customers have a chance to notice them. The Monitoring logs also track system up time, lags in performance or any other validation errors that occur in the Forms / EBS system. It’s like having a cardiac monitor for your Forms / EBS system!

Avoid surprises. Make sure you see AuraSense system alerts as they happen. And if you want more information about how to set up active monitoring on your system, please let us know.

To learn how it works, read an in-depth Data Sheet about AuraSense solution.