And the beat goes on : Forms Modernization and Forms to SOA Resources

February 8, 2012

This week I have a lot of great resources to share with you. Recently the noise we have been making in the forms world led to some interesting materials being developed from forms gurus.

Firstly the presentations of Grant Ronald from the Oracle Developer Day are now live!
Oracle Forms Future Strategy and Roadmap – Grant Ronald
ADF Developer Bootcamp including ADF for Forms Users – Grant Ronald

Next Lucas Jellma our development hero posted an article about his presentation “The Future of Forms is …… FORMS” for the ODTUG Technical Journal 2012 Q1.
You can check it out here!

The only oversight in this otherwise brilliant account of forms modernization is the
omission of our forms integration solution 🙂

OraPlayer allows companies to unlock the business logic trapped within their Forms systems and fast-track to a mobile enabled environment / SOA architecture .  It works in four simple steps to ensure seamless integration without migration:
Step 1: Record a Business Scenario in Oracle Forms via the User-Friendly Recording Toolbar (sort of like a macro)
Step 2:
Edit the Scenario and define Input/Output Parameters to be made available in the webservice
Step 3:
Save and Publish the Scenario to the Secure OraPlayer service directory
Step 4:
Replay the Scenarios via any program, such as Mobile phone, ADF applications, J2EE / Java , .Net or Web-Service

You can checkout more in our whitepaper here: OraSOA White Paper
Let me know what you think the future holds for us Forms loyalists!!