Around the world with Oracle Forms Modernization and ADF in 80 days

April 27, 2012

Apologies! I have not been posting as often as I’d like, but the Passover holiday season and the Forms conference season have been keeping me busy busy busy! After years of silence at major conferences, Oracle Forms is back baby 🙂

Forms sessions at major conference have been making a comeback and in the coming months I will be giving my frequent flyer miles a boost with many international presentations, hands-on and meetings on Oracle Forms modernization and of  course how my solution OraPlayer can help.

So if you want to join me for the modernization world tour here is the agenda (so far…):

MIDDLE EAST – {ISRAEL  –  May 2 Oracle Technology Day – FREE }

First check us out in Israel on May 2nd, where Oracle is holding their famous Oracle Technology day”,  a full day of all Oracle technologies with tracks ranging from big data to cloud. I’ll be presenting a session about “The Oracle Fusion Development Platform” and running the ADF booth in the demo ground. We are preparing killer ADF demos including ADF on mobile, amazing graphing and visualization capabilities and running Forms business logic from ADF faces UI.

I’m pretty excited to also have my OraPlayer R&D rockstar, Yossi, presenting for the first time in an Oracle conference.
EUROPE – {NETHERLANDS   May 15 – The Future of Forms is …. Forms FREE Event}

My next location on the world map is the Netherlands on May 15th. If your in Europe, feel free to join me at “The Future of Forms” conference in the Netherlands sponsored by AMIS and Lucas Jellema.

This is like the world championships of Forms conferences. Never have I seen so much Forms and ADF talent in one room. I think that between all us presenters, we have about 100 years of in-depth, professional, Oracle Forms experience in one room. We will lend from our experience and knowledge to help customers understand their next step for their Oracle Forms systems.

It will also include a VERY interesting vendor showcase of all significant Oracle Forms modernization solutions available on the market.  Not only will every solution be featured but they will be available to do actual live hands-on training.

I’ll be presenting two sessions:

1) To infinity and beyond: Extend the life of your Oracle Forms application by running your existing Forms from next-generation technologies/platforms without migration.

2) Run Oracle Forms business process from any UI (or service): Integrate, Go Mobile, SOA or BPM in minutes without migration.

3) See OraPlayer LIVE on your own laptop!

After the session we’ll have an exciting “HANDS-ON” session where you can see how the OraPlayer solution works.

Bring your laptop with you and build a mobile app based on a Forms system in 1 hour.


Register here  in Dutch or  English. And don’t forget to bring your laptop!

AMERICA – {USA  June 23 – 28 Kscope 2012 – Premier Oracle Developer Group Conference}

Our next appearence is in the great city of Texas were we’re presenting at the “ODTUG Kscope Conference” June 24-28.

Truth is I have never been to Texas or at Kscope and I am really looking forward to both!

ODTUG have been incredible the past few months, really coming to the rescue of Forms developers looking for modernization options.  They’re offering great webinars and even adding additional Forms content to Kscope. Truth is there is incredible Forms and ADF content at this conference

Checkout some of it here:

ADF and Jdeveloper Sessions

My Sessions

I hope to see you all at at least one place or you’re welcome to join me on a tour around the world 🙂