Bug of the Week: FRM-41214 – Unable to Run Reports 10g From Forms 11g

May 3, 2012
Now that I’ve been doing upgrades to 11g R2 for the last 6 months, I am starting to see all types of architectures and have been getting special requests. This week one of my customers asked me to migrate the forms to 11gR2 but to keep the reports on the servers. While doing this, I found this week’s ‘bug of the week‘.  An annoying one to find but fortunately it already has a patch all ready to go.
Running the reports from the Forms from the outset was not a problem. The reports were able to run as long as the two servers shared a common IP subnet. You can check which Oracle Reports bridges are configured and running in the subnet using the rwdiag utility. For example, run the following command:
/bin/rwdiag -findall
You should get a list of all the reports servers that were discovered.
For example (from Oracle):
Broadcast mechanism used to locate servers 
Channel address = Channel port = 14021 
(1) Name = bugupdate : Type = server : Host = strep15.idc.oracle.com 
(2) Name = rep_sup: Type = server : Host =sup-pc.idc.oracle.com 
(3) Name = rep_stre : Type = server : Host = stre.idc.oracle.com 
However, after the report was run without a problem and we could see the PDF in the browser, we got the following popup error message:  FRM-41214 – Unable to run Report . It was quite annoying but, fortunately, we quickly found the bug: Running Reports with Forms 11g.
This interoperability scenario requires the Patch 7597820 to be installed on the Reports ORACLE_HOME.You can download this patch from the following URL:
http://updates.oracle.com/download/7597820.htmlThis patch is required to address the CORBA IDL changes between the two releases for the Job Status information. If you want to use rwservlet of Reports 10g Release 2 ( with the Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) Server, ensure that you install this patch on your installation.You can download this patch from http://metalink.oracle.com.
It is also well documented in the Oracle® Fusion Middleware Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services:
The patch takes only about 3 minutes to install since it requires a report server restart.
Have you encountered this bug? Let me know if my tip helped!