Collaborate18 is over but our blog is here!

May 10, 2018

This year’s Collaborate marked the beginning of an exciting turning point! At past at Collaborate conferences, we felt like our booth was a bit of a circus act. Everyone would come to see AuraPlayer put Forms on a mobile device like it was putting dinosaurs in space. They would stand and watch the demo like as if watching aliens who’ve landed on earth.

The solution sounded incredibly interesting, but not something on their radar for the next decade. This year we were excited to welcome back the same faces who were now ready to dive right in, embracing the technology and engaging in their own digital transformations!

The excitement was palpable. Companies with whom we have discussed mobility for years were finally picking actual EBS use cases to create mobile apps, chatbots, new user experiences, all based on their back-office systems. If in past years we had about a dozen people in our sessions on “Forms to Mobile”, this year we had over 50 people in each of them. They all had amazing questions, were taking notes, photos of the slides and asking how soon they could begin.

As per our tradition, we also hosted an informal, impromptu, Women in Technology breakfast to network with our friends over a quick coffee and the largest set of blueberry pancakes I have ever seen! But I guess that’s Vegas for you. 🙂

We were especially happy to welcome the newest female Oracle ACE Director – Michelle Kolbe – it could not have happened to a more deserving woman. I have been waiting to welcome her to our crew for a very long time.

If you had to miss this year’s Collaborate, but you too are ready to jump on board, we’re happy to share the slides and the demos. Contact us at [email protected] and we will send you the slides or you can catch us at Kscope, Oracle Open World or in Germany at this year’s DOAG conference.

You can also catch the fun in our photos…… where people tailored their own messages on our chat window. 

Feel free to chat your own message to us in the comments below.



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