Deep thoughts from ADF EMG Day

October 1, 2012

After a day of sitting in on many ADF sessions I have come to understand better why Oracle has not had it easy with ADF adoption.

They have developed an incredible Java framework that provides the best of both worlds.
– Wizard based 4GL like development of java applications with…

– 100% standards based java development
But somehow the Oracle development community is still hesitant. With both Oracle Forms developers and pure java developers feeling this is not a tool that’s meant for them.
Forms Developers are afraid of JAVA and are really afraid to start developing in a new development language. As such they have gravitated more to PLSQL development tools such as APEX. Even though these tools are not necessarily best suited to the next generation systems they will be developing ( see Gartners thoughts on the subject here)

Java developers on the other hand think ‘Drag and drop’, and ‘wizard based’ development are curse words. They like to be knee high in coding mud even if it will take them 5 times longer and they will get more buggy code. They like fully controlling what’s ‘under the hood’.
Truth is this is a purely a psychological barrier that both groups need to overcome.
Oracle ADF is a very straight forward development environment, and in its latest version it’s very easy to develop great applications. ADF is also a declaration development tool where most of the development is wizard based. It was developed with Forms developers in mind, so it should be natural for Forms developers to develop in ADF.
So, here we can have a solution for both sets of developers – the UI and design can be done by the Forms developers, and the 30% deep java business logic development can be done by the Java developer.
This way everyone can be happy and its our job as consultants and “guru’s” to help both groups get over the initial
psychological barriers that stand in their way.