Collaborate 2020

Here at AuraPlayer, we are feverishly planning for our participation at the Collaborate conference. We would love to meet customers onsite and are available for free consultation upgrades, modernization, mobilization, look and feel projects, forms migration, lift and shift to the cloud or any other Forms concerns – to schedule onsite meetings by filling out the form on the right.

In the meantime, check out our most popular solutions: Forms to Mobile, EBS to Mobile, Forms Migration and Oracle RPA.

Be sure to add the following session to your schedule not to miss out:

Real World Makeovers: Customer Stories on Modernizing EBS using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud

Wednesday, Apr 19, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

In this session, we will drill down into customer stories of organizations that enabled their EBS systems to mobile/web with the help of Oracle’s VBCS. Learn how easy it can be to leverage the power of VBCS to get a modernized application look and feel by refacing your back-office EBS applications. We will discuss the lessons learned and best practices for development. We will review the development tools used, the strategies executed, security and even architecture. As well as present live demos.

SPEAKERS: Shay Shmeltzer, Director of Product Management, Oracle and Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer


From Cloud to Conversational: The Future of Oracle Forms 

Monday, Apr 20, 3:15 PM –  4:15 PM

I know it may be a shock, but Oracle Forms aren’t Dead. Despite being 2 decades old it is still the backbone of thousands of mission-critical applications. But what should we do when everything starts moving to the cloud? In this session, we will show you that Oracle Forms is not only alive and well, but now?a full-fledged member of Oracle’s cloud ecosystem. We will review the 4 ways that you can extend your existing Forms investments to the cloud, including:

  1. “Lift-and-Shift” your Forms servers to the cloud
  2. Extend your applications to new user experiences using Visual Builder Cloud
  3. Create Chatbots using Digital Assistant cloud
  4. Doing DevOps using Developer Cloud Service.

After this session, you will be prepared to begin your Forms cloud/digital transformation.

SPEAKERS: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

See you in Las Vegas!



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Collaborate 2020
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Collaborate 2020
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Collaborate 2020
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