First Look at New Enhancement Patch for ADF Mobile – iOS7 and Support for Xcode 5

February 5, 2014

This week Oracle ADF Mobile Team has released a new patch.

What can I say? They keep this team BUSY. It  seems they release a new patch or enhancement, about every couple of months. And every release is a step forward for a more usable, reliable and cutting edge development environment. In this release, the new look and feel for iOS7 – is GREAT!, and the new look and feel for Android – again, nice.
Here is our first look into installing and working with the new release:
In order to use the new ADF Mobile release you have to install xcode 5 on your Mac, install it from the AppStore, just be aware that the installation requires a restart your Mac. Note, that you do not have to upgrade to Mavericks OS, you can remain on Mountain Lion for the mean time (which I have). We are not ones for drastic change 🙂
Once you have installed xcode 5.02, you must update ADF Mobile to the new release.  This is pretty simple just go to Help->Check For Updates->Official Oracle Extension and Updates, and select ADF Mobile.  It should have version number
After all the updates and restarts, are done, and you open Jdeveloper, you will have to set the iOS simulator SDK directory. You will now set it to  <xcode path>/iPhoneSimulator7.0.sdk
I was pleasantly surprised to see that my existing applications written in previous versions of ADF Mobile, worked fine after the patch installation. That was a big relief. It just means everyone should feel free to upgrade and get a MUCH cooler UI without much pain in the upgrade process. Truth be told, in only one application I had a few UI glitches, that looked like the css went nuts but it was easily solved by cleaning the project, re-building it, and re-deploying 🙂
For the full list of new features you can checkout the official OTN page HERE
For the blog post by the ADF Mobile PM team click HERE