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Get access to your own on-premise installation of AuraPlayer for a 30 day free trial. See how you can mobilize or convert your existing Oracle Forms or EBS systems to a web page, without redevelopment and with minimal risk.

The process couldn't be simpler:

1. Pick up any workflow from your existing system that you would want your employees, customers or suppliers to have access to on loaction in the field
2. We will assist you to build a mobile app or web page based on this workflow with no installations or changes needed to your existing production system.
3. You get to test the App with your end users and customers to evaluate the app for 30-days. No commitment.

We are sure you will be amazed at the value our solution provides.

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Oracle Use Cases We’ve Mobilized:

  • Sales orders
  • Time and labor
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Oracle iExpense
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

Oracle iExpense

Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

Oracle Forms to Mobile

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