HELP: What do I do with my Oracle Forms Applications Today? Modernize, Migrate or Go Mobile?

March 12, 2012

As most of you know by now, since October Grant Ronald (Oracle Forms and JDeveloper Senior Principal Product Manager) and I have been campaigning to bring Forms customers out of hiding and to try and help them modernize their systems.

I personally made it my mission to make sure Oracle Forms developers will no longer be the forgotten people.

We already had two VERY successful Forms modernization days in Israel and UK with hopefully Germany, Netherlands, Montreal and NY to follow this year. I am also hoping to see Forms sessions in Oracle World and ODTUG Kscope conference (I’ll try my best but I can’t promise :)).

I’d like to welcome our friends at ODTUG to the campaign. They are sponsoring a webinar to address all the questions that Forms developers have been asking on blogs and in our linkedin group discussions.

On March 29 our webinar has one goal in mind -> To give ALL  Oracle Forms developers the essential information they need to make  informed decisions on what to do with their Forms investment. Checkout Grants blog for more information.

Grant and I will tell it LIKE IT IS, with real world examples, practical tips and a killer forms to mobile demo.
Don’t miss out on the FREE webinar, register NOW!

I’d love to hear from you – what would you like to learn about during the webinar? I’m open to questions, suggestions and feedback.
Get your questions in early and Grant and I will try to address them in the webinar!

Well the webinar was a great success!

Thanks Grant and Lauren and all the ODTUG gang for inviting me to do it.

You can download the slides here: Help What do I do with my forms system today?

You can also get a recording of the Webinar if you are a ODTUG member here if you have any trouble send me an email to info @