How do I find .SQL files on a MAC! Tip of the Week to find Oracle ADF Mobile HR.SQL on a MAC

August 6, 2013

As you probably know we are continuing with our tip of the week for Oracle ADF development but today we could not even get started training our customer due to this annoying “feature” of MAC computers. For some reason they consider SQL files hidden.

How did we find this out? We started training our new customer on his Mac, by exploring the ADF Mobile sample applications.
After a while we got deeper into the code of the HR application and in ApplicationController->LifeCycleListenerImpl in InitDB method, we saw the following line:

IInputStream is = cl.getResourceAsStream(“.adf/META-INF/hr.sql”) ;

He wanted to look into hr.sql, but alas, he couldn’t find this file in the Finder.  Even when we performed a Search in the Finder, it would not locate hr.sql under HR directory. You might have encountered that issue too.
We knew this file exists, so it must be hidden. In order to see hidden files in Mac you have to do the following:
Open Terminal by searching “Terminal” in the spotlight search.
Then enter:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder
That’s it. now you can see all the hidden files in finder, and you navigate in the finder to:/HR/.adf, and view the hr.sql file.
Good Luck exploring the ADF mobile samples!