Israel Daylight Savings Time ( Winter DST ) Change Causing Database "Balagan"

October 3, 2013

This is a post specifically for all you Israelis out there.  As you all know the  government decided this year  to postpone the transition to the winter clock ( DST ) until the end of October.  This decision has caused (as we say in Israel)  “a balagan”  with several problems discovered in the database and Grid Control Environment time controls.  In short, database programs were not yet updated to the new date for changing to the winter clock; so  programs were not syncing the clock and timezone calculations correctly.

To address these issues I would like to point you to a document written by the customer service department of Oracle Israel.  It explains the problem and offers more information including referrals to the relevant notes in the Oracle Support website to help you along your way.  Also, there is a relevant patch that can be downloaded and should solve all time issues.

You can access the customer service document from Oracle Israel here.

Thank to ilOUG for the support and referal

Good Luck! Comment if you need additional help.