Kscope13 Scavenger Hunt – Find an Oracle Forms Developer!

June 5, 2013

Found_forms_guyWe are busy preparing for our three sessions at Kscope 2013. For those of you who don’t know it, Kscope is one of my personal favorite conferences. It really is the top tier developers worldwide coming to hang out together and learn about the next generation technologies from Oracle experts and Oracle product managers. The size of the conference allows you to get personalized information but with enough of a crowd that you can learn anything from APEX to Hyperion to Forms to Mobile — all under one roof. And if that roof also happens to be in New Orleans, even better 🙂

Forms is making a comeback — today our old faithful Forms is entering the world of mobile enablement, deployment to weblogic, ADF integration, and running on the cloud. So this year we thought we’d have a laugh with PITSS, and in our joint Booths 418 and 416 do a FIND THE FORMS DEVELOPER campaign!


Join us for a scavenger hunt for that elusive species: the Oracle Forms Developer. We hope that since Kscope is the premier developer conference in America it should provide a natural habitat for past or present Oracle Forms Developers. We encourage Forms developers to come out of hiding and stand proud by wearing our badge.

Find us a Forms Developer and enter our raffle for the chance to win an Apple TV! Here’s how it works: If you know a forms developer or found one at Kscope, register for the Oracle Forms Community list and enter yourself into our raffle to win an Apple TV!

Find us a Forms developer and win an Apple TV!!

Find us a Forms developer and win an Apple TV!!

I will present three sessions at this year’s Kscope:

• How Do I Do This in ADF?!?! ADF for Oracle Forms / APEX / PL/SQL Developers
This session will explore the major features needed to build enterprise applications and explain how to do them using Oracle’s ADF technology. The session will also cover basic integration and how to run Oracle Forms business logic from ADF applications — and of course show lots of demos!
• Do I Need to Migrate / Re-develop My Oracle Forms Applications? (Experts Panel)
Join Michael Ferrante, Lynn Munsinger, David Peake, Christian Shay, and I in an Expert Panel / Open Q&A about if, when, why, and how you should migrate your Oracle Forms, including the options, costs, risks, and benefits of migration.
• Strategies to Move Forward with Oracle Forms: What Now? What’s Next?
Companies with large Forms investments are facing difficulties moving their legacy systems into the next generation. This session will provide Oracle Forms developers/managers with the essential information on preserving their Forms investment going forward.

Come hang out with us and pick up your raffle ticket at Booth 418.