Oracle Forms Migration Survey: Oracle Forms to APEX / Oracle Forms to .Net / Oracle Forms to ADF / Oracle Forms to Mobile ?

August 1, 2014

This year at the Kscope conference we started hearing more and more customers saying they were migrating away from Oracle Forms. Many had not started planning or even thought about what such a project entails but the declarations were loud and clear: “We are migrating our Forms system to ______<plug in development tool of choice… ADF…Java…HTML…Net>”.  It was as if they were following some trend of what they thought they were supposed to be saying but no one had thought about what it would really mean to migrate .

Despite the fact that Oracle keeps insisting Forms isn’t dead, people continue to think these risky and expensive migration projects are their only option for moving forward. For me, migration raises a lot of questions about the business value and commitment necessary to complete such a venture. Ever a consultant, I started thinking about how I can help the community truly understand the decision they have chosen to make. I asked myself, “how can we help Form users understand what goes into a migration project and the risk and rewards of such an endeavor?”

With these questions in mind, the Oracle Forms community blog decided to go directly to the people to get to the bottom of the Forms migration riddle. Only by asking you about your past experiences can we better understand who is migrating, to which technology, using what development resources and what budget. To find the answers we created the “Oracle Forms Migration Survey.” This short survey takes about five minutes to complete but will help us all understand the process of migration and the effort that goes into it. After the results are in we are going to create a cost-benefit analysis whitepaper so future Forms users who are thinking of migration can better understand if it’s worth it.

All responses will be confidential and kept anonymous. However, if you are willing to share details about your migration project please respond accordingly to the survey’s last question. We would love to hear more details directly from you.

Take the “Oracle Forms Migration Survey” here.