My UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012 Highlights – UKOUG 2012

November 20, 2012

So needless to say that I am wildly jealous of everyone who will be attending UK Oracle User Group Conference on Dec. 3 -5 in Birmingham.

I was honored to be accepted as a speaker this year but as I am due to give brith on Dec. 9 it would be a bit problematic for me to attend. As those of you who caught my session at Oracle Open World can attest, me in my third trimester is quite a sight up on that podium.  But just because I can’t make it to the conference doesn’t mean I won’t do my usual and point out great sessions that I’d love to attend. I will have to live vicariously through all the participants who will be attending the sessions and update us using the social media venues.

Also I want to give a special thanks to Luc Bors and the Amis team for agreeing to present my session in my absence.

Monday – This is by far the best day for Forms developers looking to learn about Oracle’s next generation technologies and how to move forward with their existing systems.

I’d start with the KEYNOTE session: The Future of Development for Oracle Fusion – from Desktop, to Mobile, to Cloud by Duncan Mills. He is a great speaker and after attending this session at OOW I felt it was a great overview on Oracle’s vision moving forward.  Next I’d go to Frank Nimphius session (he’s got quite a sense of humor in his presentations) on Oracle JDeveloper and ADF 12c New Features . Next I’d have a hard time deciding what session to go since both What a Server Administrator Needs to Know About ADF by Sten Vesterli, Oracle ACE Director and Providing a Multi-Platform Mobile Solution with Oracle ADF Mobile by Luc Bors – AMIS Services seem really interesting. In the end I’d probably go mobile.  Then I’d be presenting my session. Survival of the Fittest: How to Evolve Your Oracle Forms to the 21st Century – But I’m excited that Luc will be standing in for me. His background on Oracle Forms coupled with his deep knowledge of the next generation ADF and ADF Mobile tools, I could not ask for better. We have also prepared with him a great demo to run an Oracle Forms system with ADF mobile on a iPhone 🙂 . Its not to be missed!

Then I’d go to Grant’s session on Implementing Fusion Applications User Experience Design Patterns with Oracle ADF . I always enjoy his sessions since I end up learning new things even when the topic is familiar to me. Then I’d top off the day with John King What’s Old is New Again: Oracle Forms 11gR2 New Features. This is a great session that I think actually won best developer session in the ODTUG Kscope conference this year.

Tuesday – This is a day filled with sessions by world-class ADF masterminds to drill down into more advanced ADF concepts.

I’d start off the day with the Development Tools Roundtable with Andrew Clarke from Logica. Its a good way to put into context all the tools available now to Oracle developers and when to use what.

Then I’d dive into to the many ADF sessions covering all concepts such as:

Wednesday – For me this would be an all handson day! I’d do the ADF masterclass beginning with Chris Muirs 1/2 day ADF Fundamentals and then do the ADF Mobile handson. You can register to them here


Well that’s just my 2 cents on the UKOUG 2012 agenda. If you want you can get a view of Grant Ronalds “ADF  highlights” of the conference here on the weblogic blog.

I hope all of you who are in the area choose to attend and have a great conference. You can add comments on the highlights for you!