Oracle Forms 11g New Features – ODTUG Webinar Dec. 12, 2013

December 6, 2013

Although Oracle Forms is a “mature” technology it’s still getting additional new features with every new version. Since most developers have not done any Oracle forms training since the early 90s I thought I’d do a webinar with ODTUG to get everyone caught up on the new features available now in Forms 11g R2.  Our FREE webinar will take place on Dec. 12, 2013 at 12:00pm EST but  it requires registration so sign up NOW! In the session I will cover new features from Forms 10g – 11gR2 (since I assume no one really implemented these new features). I have also invited Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms product manager, as a special guest who will join me in the webinar and share a sneak peak of highlights that we can expect in Forms 12c!

If you want to get a headstart on the webinar you can checkout more information about the new features available in Forms 11g:
(i) Using JavaScript  from Oracle Forms and to control Forms
(ii) Using AQ and Events to trigger Forms events
(iii) Running WebServices from Forms by using the Java import functionality of Forms

In the webinar I am going to summarize each of these features, but I strongly encourage you to complete the tutorials below about each feature as well if you want to know where to get started (click on the titles to visit each page).

 JavaScript Support Tutorial


  • Access to Oracle Forms 11.1.1
  • Access to an Oracle database with the SCOTT schema (EMP and DEPT) installed
  • Use of Internet Explorer 7 or later

This new feature allows you to set up and run an application that demonstrates Oracle Forms and JavaScript integration.  The demo application integrates simple Forms and a dHTML menu system that can control the Form and other dHTML objects that are in the same browser window (such as date picker and an image viewer).  This application allows you to demonstrate how Oracle Forms calls these browser widgets.

Approximate run time: 30 minutes  

Advanced Queues Support Tutorial


  • Access to Oracle Forms 11.1.1
  • Access to Oracle database that supports Advanced Queuing and XML
  • Access to a SYS user account

The new AQ support feature enables you to build a simple Oracle Forms 11g application with an event object and then integrate it with a database queue you create beforehand.  In this tutorial we create a simple chat application that demonstrates the new asynchronous events feature.  You build a simple Form that retrieves the payload from the queue then uses AQ to send and receive messages.

Approximate run time: 2 hours

WebService Support Tutorial


  • Oracle Forms  
  • JDeveloper

This tutorial shows how to call a Webservice from Oracle Forms 11g.  By using JDeveloper you will build the interface to the Webservice (Java client) with minimal amount of coding.  This simple demonstration will show how to create a stub for calling an external Webservice and then how to call that stub from Oracle Forms.

Approximate run time: 30 minutes

Any questions? If not join our webinar and  sign up NOW!

Good luck and feel free to post any questions!