Oracle Forms 12c: Run Oracle Forms WITHOUT a Browser! New Runtime Options for More Flexibility Without a Browser

February 1, 2016

We are excited to post the first in our Oracle Forms 12c guest series and introduce our first contributor and a loyal member of the Oracle Forms Community, Holger Lehmann.  If you’re a Forms guru and want to contribute click here  for more informationOracle Forms 12: New Runtime Options for More Flexibility Without a Browser  BY Holger Lehmann, Opitz Consulting

Today I would like to highlight 2 new runtime options to start your application. Oracle definitely looked ahead towards the future with new operating system issues e.g. new browsers and their new behavior in Windows 10.

1. The default case (as a browser plugin)
The normal way Oracle provides to start the Forms application out of the browser. Here, the client browser must support the Java Plugin
sample URL:


Get the advanced guide to running Oracle Forms without a browser.

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2. With Java Web Start
In the new version of Forms 12c Java Web is officially certified as a method for running your application. Java has to be installed on the client as well.
sample URL:http://w7x6412c-rdbms:9001/forms/frmservlet?config=webstart&form=lab_540&userid=user/[email protected]


Here, certain restrictions are valid:
– No support Java Script, since not running in the browser
– no SSO, no SSO Logout

3. As a standalone client (Oracle Forms Standalone Application Launcher – FSAL) Quote from the HTML page


The Oracle Forms Stand-alone Application Launcher (FSAL) offers an alternative way for end-users to run Oracle Forms applications. FSAL offers a browser-less, more client/server-like interface. As a result of not using a browser, FSAL does not use the Java Plugin component of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Developer Kit (JDK). All that is required to run FSAL on the end-user machine is a Java installation. This can be either the JDK or the JRE. To determine which Java versions are supported, please contact your administrator.”

Starting from the fsal.htm you can load the associated frmsal.jar to the client.

So quite simply, this method even works without a browser! But again with JDK or JRE on the client machine.

Sample Call in a command box: java -jar C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\forms\java\frmsal.jar -url “http://w7x6412c-rdbms:9001/forms/frmservlet?config=daylightstandaloneapp&form=lab_540&userid=

user/[email protected]



We see that the classic way to start a Forms module still works. But with the discontinuation of java plug-in support in recent bowsers Oracle was forced to react and to break new ground. Keep it up!

In addition if you want to run Forms without an applet at all from HTML or mobile apps you can checkout AuraPlayer for more details.