Oracle Forms Modernization Webinars and New Poll on OTN Forum

January 18, 2013

Future of FormsThere was great news this week for the Forms community. We saw a lot of action in the Forms to ADF Mobile modernization area. Including Blog posts, Free Webinars by ODTUG and even a Poll on OTN Forms forum. We haven’t seen this many people talking about Oracle Forms since the 90’s¬†ūüôā

It all began when the Oracle Forms product manager Michael Ferrante  started a poll on the OTN Oracle Forms Forum asking


If a mobile option was available for Oracle Forms with the use of ADF Mobile to develop an appropriate front-end, would you be interested in the solution?

I welcome this initiative by Oracle! It looks like a promising step towards Oracle providing migration / integration solutions for Oracle Forms and I think we should all vote and let our community voice be heard.

You can cast your VOTE  Here  

To learn more on Oracle Forms Modernization to ADF and ADF Mobile you can checkout:

Webinars –¬†ODTUGs¬†FREE webinar series for Oracle Forms to ADF and ADF Mobile

Blog Posts

Lets hope this is just the start!