Presentations from UKOUG Development SIG Meeting – Forms in the 21st Century

February 29, 2012

Well yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at the UKOUG Development SIG Meeting – Forms in the 21st Century.

I was very excited to see that over 50 developers traveled all the way to Soulihul (quite a town  🙂 – 2 hours outside of London) to get a drill down of how to modernize or migrate their Oracle Forms systems. I was of course especially excited that I FINALLY got a new computer that could actually run all my incredible demos as well as presentations at the same time without crashing 🙂


I got up to the stage to connect my laptop to the projector and realized that my great new computer actually does not have a connector to attach to the projector.

Thankfully Grant and YouTube were there to save the day. Grant let me use his computer and I was able to show the OraPlayer demos over YouTube. Not as cool as the ones I prepared but they got the job done.

I want to invite anyone who feels they missed out on the live demo to get in touch with me [email protected] and I will be happy to do a web demo of the solutions for you!

I give you all a full rundown of the conference in a post soon so stay tuned but for now here are my presentations.

My First presentation was – Reach for the Clouds: SOA & Mobile Computing for Forms Developers


While today’s organizations are looking to take advantage of new mobile environments, cloud computing, and web-services. Forms developers have no easy answers as their Oracle Forms legacy systems were designed years ago without integration in mind. My session will explore how developers can extend the lifetime of their legacy systems by integrating or migrating them to the new service and mobile based environments.

Topics include:

>What’s All the Buzz About? – Why Enter the SOA World?
>Achieving SOA Without Migration
                      ›Database – Refactor Forms Code to the DB
                      ›Services – Running Webservices From Forms
                      ›Client – Using Javascript from Forms 11g
                       ›Messaging – Using Advanced queues for Database Integration and Messaging
>A New Approach – Forms Logic to Mobile – ›Live Mobile Demo – Using OraPlayer

>Moving Forward with SOA

Demos of the OraPlayer Solution

1) Recording a simple Oracle Forms scenario using the unique OraPlayer Toolbar
2) Using the OraPlayer generator wizard to Wrap the scenario file recorded in step 1 with a Java API, then import it into Jdeveloper to create an ADF DataControl
3) Developing in ADF Faces with OraPlayer’s Oracle Forms business logic data control
4) Running the developed ADF system that runs 2 seperate Oracle Forms scenario’s from ADF buttons and ADF text boxes binded to OraPlayer output parameters (Oracle forms wrapped by OraPlayer)

Development Free – Mobile Deployment of Oracle Forms Business Logic
1) Convert the forms scenario recorded in step 1 above to a default MobileBrowser app
2) Running the application generate in step 1 on a mobile phone
3) Playback of a OraPlayer scenario from a Mobile iPhone app

My second presentation – Give Your Forms a Facelift: Tips and Tricks for Forms UI Modernization


Think migration is the only way to get modern, sleek looking web applications? In this session I will give practical tips and tricks on how to use Java elements and design techniques to modernize the look of your applications. I will also show a live demo of taking a tired old form system and bringing it into the next century.

Topics include:

•  Do we need surgery for a New look? – Must We Migrate For A Modern “Webby” UI?
•  It’s amazing what a little makeup can do  – Using Images / GUI Elements / Color / Fonts
•   A more flattering outfit  – “Look and Feel Project”
•   Just a little lift – Using Java beans, Javascript and PJC’s
•   Full body workup – UI with Oracle Forms –3rd party Tools + Live Demo
•   Prognosis – The Future of Forms is ….. Forms