Bug of the week: REP-52262 Diagnostic output is disabled when using reports server 11g on new installation

May 7, 2013

Bug Alert
You may have noticed that when you have a new installation of  reports when you try to run a PDF report or even if you simply try to do a  showjobs request you get the error REP-52262 Diagnostic output is disabled. It seems that in a new installation for security reasons diagnostic output from the URL is disabled by default.

If get this pesky error it is actually quite easy to resolve using these easy steps:
1) Backup the rwservlet.properties file located  in %DOMAIN_HOME%configfmwconfigserversWLS_REPORTSapplicationsreports_11.1.2configuration
For example: 

2) Then edit the rwservlet.properties the file in notepad++

3) Search for the the lines

4) Remove them from comment so they will look like this

5) Then change the value from L1 to L2
So it will look like this

6) Save the file

7) Now all that’s left to do is to restart the WLS_REPORTS domain

 This can be done either via:
1) The weblogic EM console
2) The stop and startup scripts in program files of the server machine


After the WLS_REPORTS is restarted you will see it working!
A shout out to PITSS for helping resolve the issue.