Repository Database License Cost for Oracle Forms 12c Explained

February 19, 2016

Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Form Product Manager, has been asked to clarify the database repository licensing for Forms 12c. He was generous enough to share his response with the Oracle Forms Community as the second post in our Oracle Forms 12c guest series.  If you’re a Forms guru and want to contribute click here for more information.

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Please contact Oracle to get the latest and most accurate information and don’t solely rely on a blog posting like this to make final decisions on how to leverage their licensing. But the answer to this FAQ is as follows:

 How can users who want to upgrade to 12c buy a new Database License for their Weblogic repository?

The current licensing doc (URL below) states that if you have an iAS-Enterprise or WLS Suite license you are entitled to run RCU against its own (separate) database.  Currently, this does not apply to customers with “Forms and Reports” licenses.  Additional DB licensing may be required for user with “Forms and Reports” licenses.

 This means that if you use the Forms and/or Reports products under an iAS-EE or WLS-Suite license, you are entitled to install the Repository in a separate database or your existing database at no additional charge and under certain restrictions (refer to doc mentioned below).

For customers with only a “Forms and Reports” license, they have the option of using their existing database or purchasing additional licensing if they choose to use an alternative database.  I have illustrated this in the table below for clarification.

For customers working in design-time (with an “Internet Developer Suite”), they can install the Repository into the restricted use database that is entitled as part of their iDS license.

RCU in separate DB requires additional DB Licensing
Internet Developer SuiteNo
Forms and ReportsYes
Internet Application Server – Enterprise EditionNo
WebLogic Server SuiteNo

Refer to Section 2.3.3 of the latest Licensing documentation.

This information is subject to change.  You should contact your Oracle Account Manager to ensure that your licensing is appropriate for your use-case.  Also, be sure to carefully review the official documentation for more guidance.