Oracle Application Development Tools: Statement of Direction: Verdict: Alive, On Life Support, Six Feet Under

March 17, 2012

Hey everyone, so the Oracle Statement of Direction 2012 for application development tools is out. Basically its the one time a year when I hold my breath to see what they will say about Forms.  And the verdict is drum roll please ……  LIFE  for forms. The other tools did not fair so well.

But the basic rundown is …

Oracle Forms – ALIVE AND WELL (for now 🙂

Oracle has no plan to discontinue support of Oracle Forms. Furthermore, a new version of  Forms, Oracle Forms 12c, is planned for delivery as a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.

Oracle Reports – ON LIFE SUPPORT

The last major changes to Oracle Reports were in the 10g release. We are planning to release Oracle Reports 12c as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c. However, Oracle’s strategic reporting solution is now BI Publisher. While Oracle’s support of Oracle Reports will extend well into the future, customers should begin planning their migration to BI Publisher.

Oracle Designer – SIX FEET UNDER

Oracle Designer was not released as a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, nor is it planned to be a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.

You can see the full statement here.

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These type of webinar events let Oracle know how much interest there are in the tools and how many people still care about them. So let your Oracle Forms voice be heard by registering now.