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Active Monitoring for Oracle Forms - Oracle Health Check

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How it Works

When it comes to the stability of your system, a quick response can make the difference between something minor and a mission critical situation. With AuraSense Monitor, when the heart of your system stops beating you get instant alerts allowing you to act on and remedy any Oracle Forms / EBS issue before your customers even notice them. Equip your Enterprise system with a cardiac monitor.

Our unique, patented solution monitors the Oracle Forms / EBS environments by running minute to minute health checks  for optimal server performance by ensuring all servers are online, testing for bottle-necks in production business flows and conducting any pre-defined validation checks. Any irregularities will trigger real time alerts sent to an email of your choice. You are now the man on the inside of your mission critical enterprise applications – take control – get AuraSense Monitor!

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Take Control Of Your Oracle Forms Testing Environment

Constant business application changes need accurate functional testing. 90% of Oracle Forms applications fall outside the continuous integrations testing cycles. See how to test them and avoid the big risk.

Oracle Forms Performance Tuning and Testing: The Five Pillars for Success!

Can’t figure out why your Oracle Forms / EBS is so SLOW? Learn best practices for performance tuning and testing using automation. A Must read for any Forms Developer!

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For many testing Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS systems have been a near impossible task. Not anymore. Introducing AuraTester, the Oracle Forms /EBS automated testing and CI solution.

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