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How it Works

Extend your Oracle E-Business Suite to Mobile. Auraplayer’s solution enables you to run Oracle EBS application seamlessly from both desktop and mobile devices without redevelopment.

This process can be done in two ways:

  • 1. Download our pre-built EBS applications and deploy to mobile within hours.
  • 2. Create customized EBS services APIs using our automated mobile tool

Customer Case Studies

Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

Rogers Group uses Oracle to manage complex construction projects. Going mobile allowed site workers to update live data via a mobile tablets and provided management with accurate and timely reporting.

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Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

MTA needed a way to bring their Oracle Forms accident reporting system into the field where they needed it most. AuraPlayer was able to mobilize their system in a matter of weeks without a costly risky redevelopment project. With the new mobile system in place, collisions can be reported in minutes rather than days. Now, MTA has established an innovative mobile system, showcasing the best of the mobile cloud world.

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Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer
Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

Jubilee Life needed to take their back-end Oracle Forms insurance sales application to mobile, quickly and without costly and risky redevelopment. Auraplayer quickly produced Webservices based on the existing system, creating a brand new mobile HTML5 user interface and making the core business process available from anywhere with wireless access.

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Oracle Mobile Solutions - AuraPlayer

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Mobilize Oracle EBS without Redevelopment

Want to learn how to take your existing Oracle E-Business Suite applications to mobile devices without the risk of redevelopment. Get the full story in our in depth White Paper.

Extending Oracle to the Field

How NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority extended their Oracle back-office collision reporting system to the field to enable accident reporting in record time using AuraPlayer. Webservices and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

Take Your “Back-Office” Data On The Go! Using Existing Oracle EBS

With business users demanding mobile access to corporate systems see how your Oracle EBS can be taken onto mobile devices.

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Select a use case from your Oracle Forms or EBS system and we'll build a corresponding mobile app or web page (without touching your Oracle system).

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