The Future of Oracle Forms Community Survey

January 29, 2014

Future of Forms

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I can hardly believe it but its been over 2 years since we did our original Oracle Forms modernization poll for developers. Boy time  flies when your having fun!  Now we are once again joining with Oracle and the Oracle Forms Community to conduct the “Evolution of Oracle Forms” customer survey. We are doing this survey to really try and determine what are the needs of the Forms community in terms of what features, content and road-map you are all looking for going forward. We are especially interested in understand what technologies you have begun to integrate with, migrate to or new platforms deployed to. We are especially happy to have Oracle Forms product manager, Michael Ferrante on board. He feels so strongly about the future of Oracle Forms that he has offered to have a personalized talk with any customers who request it in the survey to discuss their individual Forms evolution challenges and how Oracle can help. It will also be great to see what other customers have started doing in their future Oracle Forms modernization strategy. We will publish a summary of the results in a blog post at the end of the survey. Please take this opportunity to show Oracle that the Forms community is still alive and kicking and we want attention and solutions moving forward. Help Oracle help you by making and even more complete Forms offering based on your feedback.

Take the 5 question survey here 

In case you need added intensive we will be raffling off 2 prizes to respondents:
1) An Apple TV
2) A Leap Motion consoleSee how cool this is