Oracle Forms Extreme Makeover FREE onsite trial of OraPlayer in BENELUX

May 3, 2012

Want to see your Forms running on a mobile ? or as web-services running from ADF? Want to get a personalized Q&A session with me ? Well now’s your chance !

As most of you know I will be in Netherlands on March 15 for “The Future of Oracle Forms” conference at AMIS consulting. ( You can  Register for it here. )  I thought it would be fun to give away a FREE onsite trial of OraPlayer and a one-on-one Q&A session with me to 3 lucky companies in the Netherlands area who will get to see a LIVE view of their own MODERNIZED  Oracle Forms system running on either a mobile or from ADF. And of course get to meet me 🙂

The trial will consist of:

1) Choosing a business scenario from your Oracle Forms system that you would like to run (A scenario for example is: Get credit status”, “Approve user request”, “View Pay Stub”)

2) RECORD the business scenario using the OraPlayer recording toolbar

3) EDIT the Input and Output parameters of the scenario using the OraPlayer deployment wizard to create either a default Mobile UI or ADF data control (API) that calls your pre-recorded forms scenario.

4) RUN your forms business scenario live from either a mobile simulator or from ADF !

If your interested please register here contact me.

In in any case,  I hope everyone can make it to the conference since the presenters are some of the most knowledgeable forms consultants in the world. Even Grant Ronald says so.   🙂 See you all there.

You can  Register for the conference here.