Tips and Tricks: The Dummies Guide to Installing Oracle Forms 11g R2 on 64 Bit

March 7, 2012

As promised my Master note of installing Oracle Forms 11g R2 on 64 Bit Windows is available for download.

Whitepaper quick tips for installing 11g Forms – Forms 11g R2 Install Guide 64 bit Windows

I decided I must write this since when I installed Oracle Forms 11g R2 I ran into some annoying little glitches where if someone had let me know a few simple prerequisites it would have saved me hours of time. Well that when I decided to write them down to build you a full installation document. Thanks to my customer Mastercard Israel for being my test bunny. Here are the highlights to watch out for. Tip and tricks guide to a smooth installation of Forms 11g R2 on 64 bit Windows.

1) Download all the technologies you will need – Refer to my post the Oracle Forms shopping list
2) Before you begin make sure you install the JDK 1.6 for 64 bit – Yes I said JDK not JRE.
You should have downloaded it in step 1 above.
If you install JRE instead of JDK by mistake you will have trouble during the installation when it tries to find your java home.

Once the JDK is installed add the path where you installed it to the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables of you system. In any case I suggest that in the cmd window before you run the weblogic install jar you run the command. For example:
set JAVA_HOME=D:OracleJava

3) Next tip and it is an important one – Ensure that the PATH environment variable DOES NOT have folder names with spaces. If it does your installation will get stuck when you try to configure the classic instance. It will get stuck in the creating domains section.

4) Ensure that you TEMP and TMP environment variables do not point to folders with spaces in them.

5) When installing Forms 11g R2 software choose to install ONLY and not configure. This will install a Forms home. We will configure later.

6) Once the installation is complete we can then configure.  You  need to run “configure the classic instance” by running the script from program files. This will create the Oracle Forms instance home. (see full print screens in attached document)

7) Once these installations are complete run a test form. Oracle provides a pretty user friendly run test form. If you chose the default ports (8888) the link will be configFormsComponentformshtmlrunform.htm

for example:

You should see the default test form.
I can not stress enough how important it is to run this test form. I can’t tell you how often I have found customers who start to configure the server without checking if the baseline installation was successful. There is nothing more annoying then trying to debug configuration errors then finding out it was actually an installation error that no one checked prior to beginning configuration. But I guess I shouldn’t hate it so much, that how I pay the bills 🙂

Attached you will find my step to step guide how to install and configure 11g R2.

Whitepaper quick tips for installing 11g Forms – Forms 11g R2 Install Guide 64 bit Windows

Please let me know if you have any comments, troubles or find errors in the document. I’m always happy for suggestions!

Good Luck