UKOUG Tech13 Slides in Case You Missed My Sessions

December 3, 2013

ukoug_logoToday was an incredible content filled day at the UKOUG Tech13 conference where I attended and conducted some great sessions.  My sessions were very well received and had several surprises.

1) In my Oracle Forms to ADF Mobile session we had a full house. All chairs were occupied! Granted they did give us a small room but still 🙂
2) In my Oracle Forms modernization session I had over 50 participants.  All were very happy to hear that Forms is not dead and even happier to see how many other participants were in the session and in the same boat as them.

3) Out of all the customers attending both sessions only 2 of them were running client server versions of Forms! Of course one of them was still running some form 3.0 systems but still … an impressive statistic. It gives me hope that we are on our way to modernization.

4) In both sessions the crowd sat in total silence staring intently at the slides. I couldn’t tell if:

a) They were enthralled and trying to absorb every word.
b) I had lost them completely and got too technical.
c) They had fallen asleep with their eyes open.
d) They were British and I’m not used to quiet crowds. I’m used to louder Israeli and American audiences 🙂

I want to thank all of you who joined my sessions and for showing your support.

A copy of the session slides can be downloaded here:

Session: Take Your Oracle Forms on the Road Using ADF Mobile  – Download the Slides 

Session:  Strategies to Move Forward with Oracle Forms: What Now? What’s Next?  –  Download the Slides

The demo can be viewed here:


If you have any specific questions or Oracle Forms challenges that you want to discuss feel free to contact us at info @

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