Oracle Forms Developer Poll 2012

January 16, 2012

In gearing up for the Oracle Developer Conference on Jan 24 , I wanted to do a quick poll to see what version Oracle Forms Developers are currently using and if they are more interested in upgrading or migrating.

This poll also follows my  fellow forms consultants in Europe who conducted similar polls this year. The tradition it seems was started by  in his talk2Gerd blog where he conducted a Oracle Forms users poll in Germany.  Since then others have followed and I thought I’d join in too.

The results were surprising and comforting to Forms developers who think they are the only ones who have yet to migrate.  Nearly 40% of all respondents were working with the good old Forms 6i Client/Server! Meaning nearly half the 1000 respondents were not even running forms in a browser!   Most sites said they will upgrade their Forms environment in the (near) future, however over 60% are not even considering to replacing Forms with newer technologies.

I’m curious to see if our results are similar. In addition, PLEASE add comments with your thoughts including what features you would like to see in Oracle Forms 12.

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