Why does our system run so slow? FREE webinar on Improving Oracle Forms Performance

July 30, 2012
More and more as customer start doing upgrades to 11g. I am being overrun with customer complaints about the performance of their forms systems. Funny thing is the minute I get to the customer, I run their existing systems 10g systems and show them that it is actually a few seconds slower on every action than the 11g version.
I guess human nature is such that we assume that when a new more modern version of a tool comes out it must be soooooo much better than the old version that it fixes our application bugs and system performance as well.
Well all these questions led me to dust off my Oracle Forms performance tips presentation and arrange a FREE webinarJoin me on August 9 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm EST when I will present my tips and tricks to improve Oracle Forms system performance.
I will first explain how forms on the web works so we can better understand how our development and coding techniques can impact forms performance and  I will then discuss how we can improve system performance including:
  • Improving PERCEIVED performance
  • Minimizing Startup time
  • Minimizing client resource requirements
  • Minimizing Oracle Forms Server resource requirements
  • Use the network as little as possible – Minimize round trips to server
Hope to see you all there. Even if you can not make it those who register can get a copy of my slides for the webinar.